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A lusty glance welcomes Ryan Driller when he arrives home from work to find Kinsley Eden and Chloe Amour making out on the couch. When he lodges onto the bed inbetween the 2 girls, they welcome him with warmed smooches and fantastic smirks that speak of the delectation that Ryan can view forth to more noisily than words.While Ryan thrusts up Kinsley's sheer hooter-sling to have fun with her tits, Chloe works on pulling his man rod from his pants. Once both damsels are topless, they get on all fours down to work Ryan's rock-hard pink cigar with their endowed gullets and magic hands. Meanwhile, Ryan reaches out to caress both girls' cupcakes and bowl their butts to glide their knickers aside so that he can dip his thumbs into the humidity of their fleshy twats.Settling Chloe and Kinsley side by side on the bed so that their cootchies are next to one another, Ryan undresses Chloe's panty and then bends forth to lap at her clean-shaven muff with his steaming tongue. Unwilling to let her buddy go for lengthy sans stimulation, Chloe reaches over to caress Kinsley's clit. That draws Ryan's attention, and he changes cootchies to lavish the same attention on his other lover.Now that Ryan is concentrated exclusively on plumbing Kinsley, Chloe rises onto her knees and sways her gam over Kinsley's figure so that her fuckbox is placed right over Kinsley's mouth. Kinsley is more than glad to oblige her lover's needs by going to town gobbling and throating Chloe's delicate bud as her entire figure trembles with the energy of the fuckbox fuckin' that Ryan is delivering at the same time.Chloe's clean-shaven fuckhole is the next to be graced with Ryan's man rod as she gets up on her mitts and knees. Murmuring her hatch to work as well, Chloe sinks her face and ultimately a finger in Kinsley's clean-shaven muff to delectation her gf in inbetween her squeals of ecstasy.Once Ryan has driven Chloe to a wailing climax, he lies down on the bed to let Kinsley have the stiffie rail that will bring her over the edge. Chloe does everything she can to help bring Kinsley off, including pawing her tongue along the blonde's puffies and frigging her lover's tender bud until Kinsley is jiggling and gasping.Not fairly sated, Chloe comebacks to Ryan's palms for another obese of fucking. The duo spoon with Ryan penetrating in and out of Chloe's fuckhole while Chloe keeps her mitts and tongue active rubbin' Kinsley's cascading twat. When Kinsley gets up on her knees to caress Chloe's enjoy button, she is in the flawless posture to grip Ryan's man rod when he unleashes of Chloe's muff so that she can catch the droplet of jism as he lets go. Lapping up the dribbles that have fallen on Chloe's thigh, Kinsley scoots up to share a snowball smooch with her girlfriend.




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