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Bedroom Antics

When Ryan Driller joins his lady Whitney Westgate in bed, he pulls back the decorates to find a surprise-she is already bare and prepped for a supreme time! Whitney doesn't waste any time getting started; she pulls Ryan's stiff penis from his cut-offs and supplies an extraordinaire anxious deep throat with her steaming mouth. Ryan is rapid to come back the favor, smooching his way down Whitney's spectacular figure until he reaches the treasure of her smooth-shaven clitoris. When he is able to glide a finger inwards to stroke his woman's g-spot easily, Ryan can't wait to sample the fleshy delicious handle that awaits him inbetween his lover's legs. The stud knows how to use his tongue and he applies all of his talent to making Whitney scream in pleasure. Albeit she luvs the oral pleasure, Whitney is anxious for deeper and stiffer penetration. She mounts Ryan and slips his bulge up and down her moist labia before impaling herself on her erection. Her luxurious globes wiggle sans restraint as she rails her stud stiff and fast, joyfully taking his deep jacks as they elation her taut poon in cowgirl and rcg style. Taking things down a notch, the duo flips to a spooning posture so that Ryan can glide into Whitney from behind and rock his thighs in a tempo that perceives extraordinaire for both of them. Since his woman's enormous titties are within effortless reach, Ryan helps himself to their gift before slipping his arm down to touch the brunette's nub until she reaches her orgasm with a lengthy noisy moan.Whitney isn't interested in a single climax, so she flips to her palms and knees and pushes her sugary booty in the air for Ryan to take her rear end style. Her stud isn't about to disregard that invitation, so he buries into her steaming sheathe from behind and heads to town porking in and out of Whitney's smoothly-shaven pussy. The smallish brown-haired can't keep her palms off her wiggling globes as she's being taken from behind, creating a fleshy image as her figure quivers with another climax.Wanting her stud to practice the same elation that he has thrilled in her, Whitney lodges inbetween Ryan's gams and uses her mouth, hands, and enormous titties to bring him to the brink until he bursts his jizz all over her chest. Even after her stud has finished, Whitney proceeds to have fun with his penis as she luvs the aftermath of their love.




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