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Circle Of Pals

Veronica Rodriguez, Odette Delacroix, and Kiera Winters are 3 highly different femmes who are brought together by their mutual love of sexual pleasure. The 3 takes their time stripping each other, swapping lengthy and antsy smooches as their clothes come off.When they are all nude, the femmes droplet to the ground in a pleasure-giving circle. Odette lies with her hatch submerged in Veronica's pussy, while Veronica gives the same elation to Kiera and Kiera gobbles out Odette. Their placing permits them to fumble each other's titties or use their arms for added hold on their woman's culo cheeks. Soon, all 3 girls' thighs are undulating in elation as their munches work each other's raw antsy twats.When all 3 femmes are warm and breathless with excitement, they shift positions. Veronica finds herself in the middle, her hatch pressed to Kiera's soaked cootchie as the black-haired wrings her bra-stuffers and pins her nipples. Meanwhile, Odette globs to her arms and knees to proceed the thorough coochie munching that she has been delivering to Veronica. They proceed like that until Kiera reaches her climax. Her assets trembles as Veronica keeps up the oral elation to the highly end.The femmes change positions, leaving Veronica in the middle with her attention now concentrated inbetween Odette's unshaved cooch and Kiera's smooth smoothly-shaven folds. Kiera loves her stance on the bottom, taking the chance to lovingly lap at Veronica's appetizing cootchie with her pierced tongue. With Veronica's efforts, Odette is shortly jiggling as her ejaculation flips thru her.Kiera and Odette change places once again so that Odette can take her time tonguing out Veronica's taut butt-hole and raw hole. Veronica is glad to work Kiera in the direction of a 2nd ejaculation with her endowed tongue at the same time, impatiently buying her face and thumbs in her lover's pussy.Odette is decided to bring Veronica to the edge. She uses both hands, with a finger submerged inwards her woman's shell and the other mitt groping Veronica's sensitive jewel with enlargening speed. Ultimately Odette is rewarded for her efforts as the Latina honey wails her elation as her coochie testicle tonic gush everywhere.Sated, the 3 femmes curl up together and close their eyes to love the afterglow of an outstanding fuckfest session.

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