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Work Out Session

Supah voluptuous Riley Reid is finishing her daily yoga exercises when her guy Bruce Escapade joins her in the workout room. Things get torrid and strenuous right away as Bruce takes advantage of the workout ball to turn Riley on until she can't wait to get bare and work out in a completely different way.She commences things off with a blow-job that embarks with slow jacks of her mouth. As Riley gets her man's bone running in rivulets humid with her slobber and his precum, she gets even more thrilled and ecstatic about slurping her beau's firm trunk and ball sack.Rising to her feet, Riley takes the chance to give her guy a lapdance that gets him stiffer than ever. When she tires of taunting him, she opens up her beaver lips and buries down leisurely onto Bruce's ample erection. The workout ball that Bruce is arching on offers outstanding juggle as Riley heads to town satisfying her lewd desires.Flipping Riley around, Bruce seats his dame back on his trunk so that she can rail him cowgirl fashion to her heart's content. Her groans briefly pack the apartment as she rocks her thighs in a firm swift pace that gets them both sexier than ever.Next it is Riley's turn to lie back on the ball and let her guy do the work. He commences by sinking his face in her unshaved pussy, slurping her sensitized folds and then slipping 2 frigs deep into her taut envelope to test her wetness. Finding her running in rivulets with passion, Bruce pushes his firm bone deep into her greeting warmth and commences prodding his thighs with slow deep pushes.Flipping onto her belly, Riley pushes her caboose up into the air and opens up her gams so that she is lovely and unsheathed for a 2nd chubby of beaver gobbling and a rear end fashion fuck. The ball underneath her slender figure gropes her cupcakes and taunts her firm puffies as her guy supplies a decent beaver pounding, and the mingled friction promptly send her thru the roof with pleasure.Finally abandoning the workout ball to conclude each other off, Bruce lies down on the floor and Riley climbs aboard for one last ride. Her gusto comes quickly, providing her the pulsating ejaculation that she craves. Wanting to give her guy the same pleasure, she uses her mitts and antsy throat to bring him to a ample ejaculation that jets his jism into her waiting throat so that she can guzzle every last drop.





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