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2 Much To Treat

Brimming with anticipation to practice her very first threesome, Alexis Crystal leads her 2 paramours Georgio Dark-hued and Angelo GodShack by the mitt as they come in her apartment. The dudes can't keep their forearms off of their woman, draining her bod and touching her delicate breasts. Impatient to satiate Alexis, Georgio globs to his knees and pulls her underpants off before sinking his face in her delicate backside and pressing his tongue into her hole.Those very first few rabid moments set the rhythm as all 3 paramours haunt sensuous pleasure. Alexis's t-shirt is shortly discarded so that Georgio can hand her knockers and clip her diamond firm puffies while Alexis anxiously fellates his lengthy firm cock. Meanwhile, Angelo takes his turn tonguing out his woman's exquisite shaven twat. The 2 boys switch places so that Alexis can wrap her pointy lips around Aneglo's trouser snake while Georgio smooches and shapes her immense backside with his gigantic hands. Alexis's tiny squeals of sheer pleasure spur Georgio to part her cream colored hips and insert his manmeat deep into her torrid depths. Her squeals get taller louder and throatier as he pumps in and out of her sheath, silenced by the torrid steel of Angelo's manmeat in her mouth.Again, the boys switch places so that Alexis can slurp her own essence off of Georgio's manmeat while Angelo seats himself balls-deep in her cock-squeezing channel. The strenuous sheer pleasure of her jaws and cunt being crammed brings Alexis to a burning orgasm.This bewitching magnificent stunner isn't pleased for long, though! The three changes things up with Alexis railing Angelo in switch sides cowgirl, and then mounting Georgio cowgirl style. Even as her bod is crammed with one man's cock, Alexis anxiously gobbles and fellates at the other so that all 3 of them rail a acute brim of pleasure.Georgio takes Alexis from behind as she taunts Angelo with her mouth, bringing her to another climax. Her shuddering muscles milk Georgio's trouser snake as he spews deep in her saluting pussy. Impatient to bring her other paramour to climax, Alexis gobbles and drains him to a lengthy strenuous orgasm into her impatient jaws and all over her sugary breasts.





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