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Enough To Go Around

Ashlyn Molloy and Alison Faye are about to start on a sensuous threesome, and they want to glance their best. Unwrapping down to just their undies in the bathroom, the femmes take some time to fix their hair and then scorching each other up by tonguing and kneading each other's rigid nipples.They briefly stir things to the bed, indulging in a lengthy make out session that only gets sexier when they are joined by their stud Tyler Nixon. Tyler makes himself right at home, diving into the double-stacked cunts with his tongue and gifted thumbs as the femmes proceed to smooch and caress each other's udders and twats.Now that the femmes have been heated up, they want to get their stud molten and rock hard too. They liquidate their man's trunks and lay him down on the sofa so they can produce a raw molten double deepthroat job and ball sucking.Switching things up, Ashlyn plants her shaven coochie on her paramour Alison's face to be eaten out, while Tyler sticks his lollipop deep into Alison's needy twat. Ashlyn is all about her lover's pleasure, reaching down to caress Alison's bean while Tyler pumps his thighs rock hard to produce a rock hard coochie nailing until both femmes are shrieking their happiness.Next it is time for Ashlyn to get her slot filled. Going down on her arms and knees, Ashlyn takes a rock hard from the rear plunging while she does her greatest to slurp out Alison's raw pussy. Things get rock hard and hot, with Ashlyn bucking her thighs and gagging at the pulsating delight house deep inwards of her until her orgasm spews within.Alison climbs aboard her man's rock hard jizz-shotgun while Tyler munches the evidence of Ashlyn's fervor from her running in rivulets twat. With her stud plunging in and out of her shaven snatch, Alison briefly rails to her climax. Antsy to give their stud the same delight they have just experienced, the femmes lie down on the sofa side by side and open their gullets to let Tyler pick which scorching raw slot he wants to slip his jizz-shotgun into. When he eventually reaches his climax, he blows his geyser all over them both in a double facial cumshot that leaves the femmes decorated in gloppy jizm that they can't wait to munch off of each other.




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