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Secret Temptation

Sheer underpants highlight the curve of Dillion Harper's cock-squeezing ass, while a matching boulder-holder makes her thick udders into pillowy mounds. With such a buffet of hotness providing him a come-hither look, how can Damon Dice say no?Locked in a crazy smooch with Dillion, Damon reaches around to cram his forearms with the funbags of her rump. She reacts with utter passion, prodding him down onto the couch and taking utter manage by extracting his stiffie and going to town slurping and gargling him off. When she releases her bosoms from the boulder-holder that constrains them, she puts them to work by wrapping them around Damon's member and then pumping back and forward so that he can sense the sizzling embrace of her bosom over every inch.Damon is anxious to let Dillion know how much he enjoys the knocker nail by pulling her underpants down and fingerblasting her tender twat. He finds her uber-cute and wet, but he's still committed to slurping out her sweet cooch before taking things a step further. When Dillion makes it clear that she wants to proceed gargling on his dick, Damon is glad to pull her into a Sixty nine that permits them to both express their lust at the same time.Laying down on her side, Dillion pulls Damon until he has curled up behind her in the spooning position. He is lightly able to thrust into her landing de-robe snatch, packing her in the way they both crave. After such vast foreplay, there's nothing slow or sensitive about the way Damon sticks in and out of Dillion's nail hole, and she enjoys every 2nd of the harsh sex!When Dillion finds herself vapid on her tummy with Damon mounting her from behind, she's fast to let him know how much she approves of that position, too. Able to stir his thighs freely, Damon holds nothing back as he resumes his kinky nail festival much to Dillion's delight. She's even more satiated with the way it senses when she rises up higher on her knees to switch the angle of intrusion so that every one of Damon's masturbates is striking her in just the right spot.After gargling Damon's stiffie to make sure he's still stiff and ready, Dillion climbs on top of him for a rcg ride. Her landing de-robe nail fuckhole erupts in a ejaculation so intense that she sploogs everywhere within just several moments, leaving Damon and the couch soaked in Dillion's enjoy juices. With Damon's help, she keeps her rail going for another few seconds until she has had the opportunity to rail out the utter duration of her climax.Dropping back onto her knees, she deep throats all of her puss mayo off of Damon's jizz-shotgun and then gives him another short knocker nail as a prize for making her cum. Then she shifts onto her back so that Damon can catapult back into her for one more lengthy crazy rail that leaves her panting with the force of her 2nd excursion to the moon. Damon is satiated that he brought Dillion off one last time, notably since he's at the confine of his endurance. Pulling out, he glazes her thick udders and part of her face in his jizm that step by step dribbles down her bod as she plays with the evidence of his love.





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