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Her Fumble

Huge-titted blondie Kendall Kayden is clad to the nines to hook up with her paramour Uma Jolie for their anniversary. Kendall gives Uma a stick on shag stick and a vibrator, and then heads about encouraging her gf to use them.Uma reaches underneath Kendall's microskirt to press the vibing peak of her fresh plaything to Kendall's panties. Encouraged, Uma unwraps her sundress so that Kendall can go to work using her hatch and gifted tongue on her woman's sugary unshaved pussy. Kendall's sundress is the next to go so that Uma can submerge her face inbetween Kendall's lengthy legs. Lodging in for a lengthy vulva licking, Uma loves lengthy laps up and down Kendall's cream colored cooter that leave Kendall whining her approval. As Kendall's cock-squeezing vagina gets taller sleek with her desire, Uma slides a finger deep inwards and uses the combo of a vulva frigging and a clittie gobbling to drive the blondie to completion.Uma gets down on her forearms and knees next so that her backside is propped up in the air and her needy fuckhole is completely open for business. Kendall takes this chance to put the fresh hitachi to use as she fondles the plaything up and down Uma's cooter and then submerges her face against the brunette's bottom so that she can enthusiastically lick out Uma's vagina until she is pulsating with pleasure.Next Uma takes the chance to avidly idolize Kendall's skinny bod and medium breasts. Kendall kneads Uma's bod in come back as the women study each other's slim frames and get themselves heated up to glide down on their matching huge fake penises deep in their knob longing twats.Pumping their thighs with slow milks at first, the women get used to the perceiving of fullness and then go for a mutual nasty tit-bouncing rail on their respective dildos. They switch things up by jamming their playthings to the glass gliding door and practising their oral job abilities on their playthings before turning around for a doggie-style shag festival that gets quick and mad as they love the deep penetration.When the women have disengaged from their toys, Uma heads back to work gobbling and finger pulverizing Kendall's dribbling vagina while Kendall's fondles her shag stick and wrings her intense tits. Her breath enters ever-faster chokes as Uma works her in the direction of a body-shaking orgasm that leaves her boneless and sated.Kendall ejaculates their fuck-a-thon session by pressing her hatch to Uma's unshaved coochie and working her lover's clittie with her hatch until Uma's sated screams echo the ones that were so recently emitted from Kendall's mouth.




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