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Holly Michaels is up early to make breakfast for her guy Bruce Venture, but the moment those 2 lock eyes the sexual strain kindles into passion. Holly and her bf race upstairs and meet on the bed, interchanging spunky smooches as they rip off each other's clothes with insatiable abandon.After peeling Bruce's trousers off, Holly wastes no time getting down on her arms and knees and wrapping her lips around his lengthy dick. Things remain insatiable as the black-haired climbs up her man's figure to smooch him again before resuming her interrupted wood sucking.When she is prepared to take things a step further, Holly crawls up Bruce's figure and plants her thong-clad beaver on his erection. Blessed to accept the blatant invitation, Bruce gets Holly nude as hasty as he can and then glides into her shaven beaver in a spooning pose that gets her fat udders shaking.Things get raunchy as Bruce sets a rock-hard hasty tempo and uses his fat arms to squash and grope his woman's boobs. His palm creeps up against Holly's neck in a mighty sign of possession that makes the black-haired want to submit completely.She spins onto her tummy so that her sugary arse and trimmed beaver are open to rock-hard penetration. The angle gets Holly yelling and choking her gusto nearly instantly. When the nice coed raises her arse higher into the air, her guy gets up on his toes to meet the fresh angle of invasion that shortly collapses into a doggie-style fuck. Holly just can't get enough, whinging her adoration as her very first ejaculation shudders thru her.At her man's urging, Holly climbs on top of his prone figure and glides her soaked honeypot down onto his waiting member. She begins by railing enthusiastically, but shortly her bf takes manage yet again and pistons in and out of the greeting heat of his woman's sheath. The friction is too much to handle, and Holly shortly gushes in lust once again.Now that she has been pleased twice, Holly is not selfish about returning the pleasure. She gets down on her knees to wrap her torrid impatient lips around Bruce's dick, and then alternates the moist strain by fuckin' her guy with the channel inbetween her bountiful tits. It doesn't take lengthy for Bruce to lose manage and jism all over Holly's total breasts, showering her with his love.Bruce isn't done yet, though. Thrusting Holly onto her back, he gets down on all fours inbetween her opened up gams and impatiently munches out her trimmed welt beaver with the help of his fingers. He knows how to shove Holly's buttons, bringing her to yet another ejaculation and leaving her fully sated.





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