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Take It Outside

As she roams outside and stops to pick a dandelion, Sophie Lynx indulges in a secret sneer in anticipation of the elation that she will reap from her planned seduction. She spies her boy Renato and pauses to get a fine glance at him before proceeding with her plans.Renato is amiable to Sophie's advances. Pulling her tee-shirt and underpants off, he presses his girl down to the outdoor bench and presses his hatch to the cuteness inbetween her legs. This is Sophie's seduction, so albeit she loves her man's oral ministrations she doesn't let it proceed for long. Instead, she falls to her knees in front of him and opens her hatch to wrap her mild lips around the firmness of his erection. She is briefly lost in the pace of the blowjob, using her hands, lips, and tongue to elicit large pleasure. After Renato makes sure that Sophie's cunt stays humid and well-prepped by delivering a loving, thorough cooter licking, Sophie mounts him cowgirl fashion and impales herself totally on his pulsating dick. She briefly flips to rcg style, and then stands up so that her boy can push into her steaming fuck-hole from behind.The deep foray of doggy-style tearing up beats just the right spot, and briefly Sophie is squealing as she closes in on her orgasm. The duo flips to their final position, with Sophie's bottom restricted high in the air while Renato drives into her from above, and she flies over the verge with a gasp.Wishing her boy the same elation she has just experienced, Sophie wraps her petite mitt around her beau's lengthy manhood and drains him rock hard and fast. Her movements don't slow when he finishes off all over her face as she strokes him for every last droplet of jizm and then lovingly eats his bone clean.





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