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2 Of A Kind

Intercourse kitty Lana Rhoades is prepared to rock and spin as she struts into the living apartment where Logan Pierce is draping out wearing only a sheer panty and a cane top that hugs her yam-sized boobs. As shortly as she ascertains that Logan is interested in what she has to offer, she strolls over to the sofa to water the plants right in front of him. Taking the watering can, Logan wets the front of Lana's milky t-shirt and then dives in suckling her firm puffies and motorboating her immense knockers.Moving things to the bedroom, Logan pulls Lana down onto his lap so he can rubdown and smack her plush bottom and dive in with a rock-hard tongue to taunt her cock-squeezing anus. As he winds down his voracious assfuck feast, Logan spins Lana over so that he can go to work on her landing unwrap pussy. The dribbling humidity of her poon is mingled with Logan's slaver as he works magic with his tongue to bring Lana off for the very first time.Whipping his sausage out, Logan rises to his soles so that Lana can wrap her sensitized lips around his stiffie. She enjoys inhaling her lover's dick, but putting her melons together for a lusty knocker fuck. Now that all her exquisite figure have gotten involved, she uses her hands, firm nipples, and facehole with equal fervor to dual down on Logan's excitement.Once she's sure that she has her beau all wound up and prepared to rock, Lana gets on her forearms and knees and jiggles her backside in invitation for Logan to take her from behind. He's glad to take her up on it, and shortly he is gladfully poking away at Lana's jiggly twat. The coochie poking is delightful, and becomes even moreso when she shifts onto her back so that she can love a spooning screw.Lana isn't prepared to call it quits after just 2 positions. When Logan lays down on his back, Lana slings one gam over his thighs and then lodges down on his pulverize prick so that he can piston into her from underneath. Logan commences out doing most of the work, but Lana is glad to help by juggling up and down on his stiffie and then turning around to face him for a real caboose juggling exercise that leaves big-titted figure in flawless inhaling range for Logan.Once Lana has given herself all the sensation she can handle, she makes sure to help Logan reach that point, too. Taking his sausage in her diminutive hand, she jacks him off the few times he needs to suck his load, and aims his spunk douche all over her hefty torso to ejaculate their lovemaking.





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