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Jism Together

Saucy sweethearts Aidra Fox and Jillian Janson are clad to kill in brassieres and knickers that hug the kinks of their sugary figures and prepped to work together to tempt Tommy Gunn. The chicks punch things off with a taunting show, making out behind filmy curtains and then stepping out and running their mitts all over their own and each other's figures while Tommy watches.When the chicks eventually approach, Tommy is already firm and prepped for the dual blow-job that's coming his way. Ultimately Aidra takes the lead while Jillian backs off and slips Aidra's panty down her legs, leaving her cream-colored vagina open for a cooch fingerblasting and licking. The responsibility shortly flips to Tommy to proceed the cooch celebrate while Jillian shoves her panty aside and slips down on his cock.The chicks love their respective postures for a time, with Jillian pumping her thighs in a tempo that leaves her breath injecting choky chokes while Aidra squeals from the fun of Tommy's tongue. While Jillian's vagina is still pulsing, Aidra arches forth and uses her gifted tongue to work every last 2nd of climactic sheer pleasure from her lover.Then the chicks trade places so that Aidra can get her crevasse packed by Tommy's firm cock. Jillian can't get enough of getting her yummy vagina tongued while Aidra juggles behind her. When Aidra has had enough and arches back to use her soles to grope Tommy's chisel while Jillian fellates the tip.Next Jillian crawls on top of Aidra for a durable smooch that sets up a dual cooch stack for Tommy's pleasure. He submerges his chisel into Jillian's vagina first, poking away at her crevasse for several minutes before providing Aidra the same treatment. With such alternating attention, Tommy shortly drives both Jillian and Aidra over the verge of pleasure.Eager to repay Tommy for all the fun he has given them, Aidra and Jillian go back to their dual blowjob. Tommy eventually loses his geyser all over Aidra's hands, leaving a cream-colored handle for the chicks to relish and snowball.




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