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Rectal Paramours

Hollie Mack and Logan Pierce are luving themselves as they make out on the scenic balcony outside. When Adriana Chechik catches sight of her liplocked pals from her bedroom, she knows that it's up to her to tempt them both into a molten and wild threesome.Strutting into the bedroom where Hollie and Logan have retired, Hollie puts her plan to action. She finds her pals more than willing, and before lengthy she has joined Logan in getting Hollie out of her clothes. Briefly Adriana has sampled both Hollie's cream and the musky flavor of Logan's dick. She heads to work on both of them, alternating inbetween the passionate press of her sensitive lips and the rub of her smart frigs as she works both of her paramours into a sexual frenzy.Soon Hollie tires of acting as a passive participant. Climbing off the bed, she joins Adriana on her knees so that the nymphs can work together to produce a lusty bj that Logan won't briefly forget. Using their mitts and mouths, they lavish attention on Logan's manstick and nads until he is firm for them. Logan is glad to comeback the favor of an oral celebrate when the 2 nymphs swap places with him. Now that he's on his knees, he heads to work slurping and suckling their sensitive honeypots and even their stiffly wrinkled anuses. As Hollie and Adriana get increasingly worked up, Logan moves on to prodding his tongue deep into their throbbing coochies and their cock-squeezing culo holes.Once Logan is coaxed that Hollie is downright prepared and well-prepped for his love, Logan gets onto his soles and thrusts himself deep into her molten channel. Adriana makes sure that Logan is downright seated within his lover's fuck hole and then climbs over Hollie's face so that the blond can love a honeypot feast.When it's Adriana's turn to get her honeypot stuffed, she prefers a stiffie ride. Logan exchanges places with Hollie, leaving Adriana free to sit astride him while Hollie gets to do some orgasmic face sitting. It's not lengthy before the wild coed determines to turn around so that she's placed in switch sides cowgirl, the flawless way to take Logan's manstick deep in her ass.Hollie is glad to help bring Adriana closer to orgasm as her paramour pumps her thighs and loves her buttfuck pounding. Using her frigs and tongue, Hollie works Adriana's fuck hole and clittie until her doll spews with orgasmic ecstasy.Logan isn't done pleasing the 2 nymphs yet! He urges Adriana onto her tummy and convinces Hollie to lie down on top of Adriana to create a double-stack of sizzling honeypots for him to fuck. He takes Hollie's shaven cootchie first, keeping his drains lengthy and firm as he brings the blond coed to another climax.With Hollie still throbbing and quaking on the bed, Logan turns his attention back to Adriana. Her groans of sheer pleasure are noisy and lengthy as her culo is once again torn up and pounded. Logan joins Adriana as she sprays into orbit yet again, freeing to adorn her with his cum.




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