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Thru The Lens

Van Wlyde is having a stellar picture shoot with Kimmy Granger and Jillion Janson. When his 2 models commence getting wild and peeling off their clothes, Van keeps on snapping shots with a sneer that flashes that he knows the delight to come. The femmes eventually strut out together clothed only in knickers and bras. When Jillian takes Van's camera from him, all 3 of them know that the make-out is over and the main action is about to begin.Van takes his time taunting the 2 girls, pulling their undergarments aside and tracing his tongue delicately over first-ever Jillian's poon and then Kimmy's. His paramours help him out, taking matters into their own palms and wanking aggressively whenever Van's jaws is occupied with the other. When Kimmy and Jillian eventually get to their soles and peel off their scant clothes, they are instantaneously antsy to droplet down to their knees to work in tandem providing Van a oral job dual blowjob.Van eventually realizes that he can't take much more taunting if he wants to last for the girls' pleasure. Kimmy is glad to lay down on the ottoman so that Van can press his fuckpole deep into her taut folds, while Jillian postures herself over her lover's jaws so that Kimmy can love a landing disrobe vulva licking.When Van has brought Kimmy to a yelling climax, Jillian requests her turn for pleasure. Going down on her palms and knees on the ottoman, she offers her appetizing puss to her stud so that he can thrust himself deep. While Kimmy arranges herself so that Jillian can comeback the favor of oral pleasure, Van heads to town pushing and pounding.Next the three switches things up. Kimmy comes back to Van's prick as she likes a stiffie ride, while Jillian gets down on all fours above Van's jaws so that she is in flawless vulva gobbling position. Kimmy's ecstatic rail just makes things sexier for Jillian as Van's entire figure quakes with the force of Kimmy's strokes.The moment Kimmy recovers from her climax, the femmes interchange postures so that Jillian can love her 2nd ejaculation of the day. Jillian reaches her pinnacle quickly, yelling her delight as her figure sprays the visual evidence of her passion.Van is close to cumming, but he needs a tiny bit of help to make it to his own climax. Jillian and Kimmy have no problems with that; using their gifted palms and gullets they work him to the brink of his stamina until he crams Jillian's jaws with a shot of cum. As the super-fucking-hot surprise cascades down Jillian's chin, she shares the salty bounty with Kimmy in a long, protracted kiss.




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