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Give And Take

Sugary Silvie Luca is primped and set to tempt Dennis Reed with her slim forms that are just slightly frosted by a matching apparel of sheer hooter-sling and thong, and a pair of matching sheer hip highs. As Dennis sits and sees Silvie work her magic, the black-haired peels her hooter-sling and panty away and then lodges on the bed with her gams stretched so that she can tease and tease by massaging her succulent tiny clitoris.Although he enjoys eyeing Silvie delight herself, Dennis is enthusiastic when Silvie stops taunting and joins him on the other side of the couch. Unleashing her lover's stiff cock, Silvie ducks her head and heads to work using her super-hot humid facehole to produce a lubricious fellatio that ultimately turns into a voluptuous 69.Next Silvie gets down on her knees while Dennis stands before her, providing them both a fresh angle as Silvie resumes her oral love. This time the uber-cute coed knows that she will stop at nothing to bring her paramour to climax.While her thumbs work their magic on her smooth-shaven pussy, Silvie deepthroats her man's trunk at an increasingly rabid rhythm that fastly sends Dennis to the point of no return. After cheerfully guzzling a mouthhole of cum, Silvie prizes herself for her great work by jacking her dribbling vag to a throbbing ejaculation of her own.





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