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Morning Desire

Clothed in a ordinary milky brassiere and sheer lacey capris, suntanned toned hottie Melanie Rios joins paramour Michael Vegas in front of the mirror for a jummy superb morning kiss. Incapable to quench the zeal inbetween them with a ordinary grope of lips, they comeback to the sofa where Melanie bends her epic bum in an invitation that Michael cannot resist.Michael joins Melanie at the bed, pressing his hardening swelling against the gentleness of her ass. Melanie turns to him and pulls his rock hard man sausage from his sweatpants, taking him into her throat and closing her lips for maximum suction.After luving his sudden fellate job, Michael reverently eliminates Melanie's clothes and urges her hips apart to uncover her sensual pussy. She fondles her bumpers and squashes her wrinkled puffies as Michael laps up her womanly mayo and drives his tongue deep inwards her most personal places.Drenched with desire, Melanie pleads Michael to come in her. He obliges, pulling her to the highly brink of the sofa so he can glide his enormous member into her in the missionary position. Lost in the sensing of fullness, Melanie grabs the sofa sheets and revels the moment as Michael grabs her hips and pumps in and out of her.Unwilling to let the moment end so soon, Michael crawls into the sofa and lays on his back to permit Melanie to climb on him in the rcg position. She gives them both an impressive ride, taking Michael's man sausage deep with each thrust. Taking advantage of this pose to bowl Melanie's sensual bum cheeks, Michael urges Melanie to witness their romp in the mirror.Even tho neither of them has reached the pinnacle of satisfaction, Melanie is incapable to stand against switching postures again so that she can interchange sultry smooches with her lover. Laying on top of Michael, she reaches behind her to help guide his man sausage back into her. Their attention comes back to the mirror and their tempo speeds up as they both treatment the precipice until at last Melanie spunks in an epic orgasm.Pulling his man sausage out of Melanie's gentle pussy, Michael climbs to the brink of the sofa while struggling his own shattering orgasm. Melanie hardly needs to grope him before he pours out into her willing mouth, the salty load providing Melanie exactly the morning handle she wanted. She smirks up at Michael in gusto as she munches up every glob of his mayo and drinks with full satisfaction.





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