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Clothed in matching undergarments sets, Elaina Rae and Veronica Rodriguez interchange slowly fondles and kneads in couch as they wait for their fellow to join them. When Ryan Driller arrives, the ladies are antsy to get him onto his back and to pull out his swelling from the limitation of his jeans.Ryan bends back and sees as Veronica and Elaina interchange another smooch over his prone figure and glide out of their bras. They thin forth in tandem, each taking half of his soft smooth-shaven ball sac and pulling it into their delicate mouths. Soon, they shift their attention to his rock hard chisel where they take turns tonguing and sucking, and jacking their arms over Ryan's cock.While Veronica keeps her fellow hard, Elaina slips out of her panties. Ryan slips his forearm down her back, probing her moisture with his thumbs before rising and drawing Elaina to her knees so he can come in her from behind. Cozily encountering Veronica, Elaina takes advantage of her fresh posture to taunt her suntanned lover's globes and coochie with her gifted thumbs and tongue. The 3 spins postures so that Ryan can sensation both ladies at the same time. Lounging plane on his back with Elaina railing his dick, he laps at Veronica's sugary-sweet smooth-shaven coochie when she lodges over his face. Encountering each other, the ladies maintain individual eye contact until Elaina bends forth to suckle Veronica's breast. Veronica comebacks the favor, and then taunts her own nips with the lengthy silk of Elaina's hair.The paramours proceed until Elaina's ejaculation quakes thru her. After a moment to catch their breaths, the 3 repositions themselves so that Elaina is on the bottom with Veronica suspended on top of her in flawless Sixty nine position. Ryan drives himself into Veronica's molten twat, pumping steadily as the 2 ladies love licking each other out. Veronica drives Elaina to another orgasm, and Ryan and Elaina blend to send Veronica over the brink as well.When Ryan reaches the end of his endurance, he crams Veronica's coochie to overflowing with his essence before withdrawing. Elaina and Veronica proceed their pursuit of mutual pleasure, lapping at each other's honeypots in the Sixty nine position. As Ryan's jizm rivulets from Veronica's coochie to Elaina's greedy lips, the blond makes sure to eat off every bit of her treat.




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